O The Chimneys Poems by Nelly Sachs

How beautiful is this vintage book of poetry by the 1966 Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Nelly Sachs.  And I've added my roses to the cover! 

This book, containing nearly half of her verse, is her first to be published in the English language. The book includes in its entirety one of her most important poem sequences, 'Glowing Enigmas, I, II, and III,' written in the 1960's; poems from six other collections: 'In the Habitations of Death,' 'Eclipse of the Stars,' 'And No One Knows How to Go On,' 'Flight and Metamorphosis, Journey into a Dustless Realm,' and 'Death Still Celebrates Life'; and the complete text of 'Eli,' a mystery play of the sufferings of Israel.

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