Unless You Die Young

Unless You Die Young is a book I was first drawn to because of the beautiful yellow cover. Below is a brief description. 

This is a novel that speaks for the rich and invaluable experience gained through everyday living, for many rewards and assets accumulated along the way. It is an affirmation of life in all its stages, despite all its painful times. As Alice watches her family relate to one another, form new attachments, renew old relationships, sort out their current crisis, she reflects on her past with appreciation and gratitude, reliving it with excitement through the good and difficult times, recalling her own moments of crisis to see exactly how her experience was survived and added a new dimension to her life. Delightful, heartwarming, and wise, filled with real, lively, and appealing people, this is a book for hopeful people of every age who like to find hopefulness shared and supported and proven justified.

Copyright 1977 

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