Being a hopeless romantic, Amy wants her art to stir up emotions and create longing, desire, even sadness.  Because even in sadness there's beauty.  It means you've loved and lost, you've cared, you've felt, you're alive.  Her paintings have been compared to a dream or memory you can't quite recall, yet you're left with a strong emotional impression.  

Born and raised in North Carolina, Charlotte artist Amy Abig grew up running barefoot all summer and time spent between the beach and mountains.  This fostered her love for the great masterpiece called nature. The feeling of cool grass beneath her feet, picking wildflowers for a bouquet.  Long summer days that ended with games of ghost in the grave yard.  And hours playing outside till dusk, catching fireflies.  Growing up was simple, fun and innocent.  But as amazing as being a kid of the 80's was, a career in art never felt like an option.  

Much of her young adult life was spent going to college and having a family of her own.  Yet her need to create always surfaced through photography, knitting,  hand painted jewelry, even writing a novel and publishing short stories.  Creativity won't lie dormant for long.  With her children becoming teenagers, Amy's need to create rose to the surface and two years ago she began painting. With no formal training, she dove right in, and it's consumed her ever since.    

Her art is now traveling places she's never been, touching other's like she's always hoped.   ~ "Art has always been a part of my life, I crave to create.  It brings me joy to paint from my soul and my hope is that the art I put into the Universe brings happiness and peace to others."


10% of all sales are donated to Mosaic Foster Care.  To read more about what they do in the community please click here





I look forward to hearing from you with any questions, and I love custom orders.  It's a beautiful way to have art designed specifically for you, since we are ALL unique and amazing in our own way.  

Painting with love, 


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