I have always been a free and creative spirit. As a child and young adult I didn't know how to channel that drive into something tangible and productive, so I wandered. Never truly grasping my God given purpose or understanding any talents I may have been given. I surpressed any desire to become an artist and allowed life to do its thing.

I became a wife and then a mom to three beautiful babies in 2.5 years. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. They were my identity and I was incredibly proud of that. I never thought about my desires in those early years and was more than content to give those up. But as any creative spirit knows, the ache to create never completely goes away. It may lay dormant for a season, waiting for a turn to bloom, but eventually it resurfaces with a craving and appetite like no other.

I grew up with an "old fashioned" or more traditional way of thinking about the family unit. I watched my mother sacrifice her needs for EVERYONE. She was the last person considered yet she gave the most. And when it became my turn to do the same, I knew I was supposed to accept the challenge with honor. And I did just that. For many years that was enough and incredibly joyful. Yet over time I started to feel empty, and then resentful, and then ashamed. How was I expected to be some superhuman and give endless amounts of myself without ever refilling my tank? Giving everything to my family was supposed to be so fulfilling. I mean, it was for my mom. Was I being selfish for even thinking this way? 

And that is where my art journey truly began, in realizing that I counted. As women, wives and then mothers, we matter too and in order for us to take care of the ones we love with all of our being, we also have to take care of ourselves. Painting has allowed me to do that. 

I'm a self taught artist and have been working on my craft now for five years. I have an art studio in my home in Charlotte, North Carolina. I do my best to paint daily while still juggling life and the successful launching of my three babies that are now 18, 19 and 20. I want my paintings to be more than just "florals". I desperately want them to evoke emotions and have you see something more than pretty roses. I want them to be a feeling. 

I thank God for being able to live in a time when I no longer have to wear only one label. That it's no longer considered selfish to chase after dreams. That I can continue to pursue my passions and have a career as an artist. When I get time to paint, it nurtures and fills me and clients like you who support artists like me, allow that to take place. I am blessed and fulfilled because of you!  

Thank you from my soul!



10% of all sales are donated to Mosaic Foster Care.  To read more about what they do in the community please click here



Me with my young family 









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